Testing & Test Prep

Testing & Test Prep

Preparing for the ACT and SAT

Each BCHS course has ACT and SAT questions built into exams, tests, warm-ups, and lessons.  This adds to the difficulty of the course but also helps the student do well on the ACT and SAT.  BCHS also gives students a series of standardized tests, and those results are analyzed by the teaching staff.  This data analysis helps us to determine weaknesses in our curriculum as it pertains to the standardized tests. 

In addition to the preparation we do at BCHS, we encourage students to practice on their own.  This includes taking timed tests and looking over the results of the standardized tests after taking them to know weaknesses and strengths.  We also encourage students to take the ZAPS ACT Test Prep Course hosted at Byron Center High School.  In addition to this, a student can go to the ACT website and take up to two free online Practice ACT tests and have them scored and analyzed for you.   


Starting in the Spring of 2016, all Michigan high schools will administer the NEW SAT to all juniors.  The testing schedule can be found on our calendar in the Spring.  To find out what to expect on the new SAT, click on the NEW SAT TEST SPECS INFORMATION link. For changes click on the SAT CHANGES FOR 2016 .

SAT has partnered up with KHAN academy for students to get individual help.  BCHS will be using Khan Academy to help with individual student progress.  For more information click on KHAN ACADEMY FOR SAT. 

The PSAT is offered at Byron Center High School in October every year.  We encourage sophomores and juniors to take this test to prepare for the SAT and to qualify for scholarships, including the National Merit Scholarship.



About the ACT

The ACT is a rigorous nationally recognized test that has been shown to give a direct correlation to college and career readiness and success.  Because of this correlation, colleges and universities are relying on this test to give an accurate determiner of college readiness.  For that reason, it is extremely important for high school students to score well on this test.

Although schools will be giving the SAT, we still highly recommend students take the ACT as well.  The June testing after a student's junior year is often prefered to maximize learning of the junior material.  For ACT locations click here for the ACT TESTING CENTERS.

Students can practice the ACT by visiting the website act.student.org