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Get the latest happenings in the classrooms at Marshall. These class pages are packed with information for both parents and students alike!


Mrs. Barnes  Developmental Kindergarten


Mrs. ClaeysKindergarten

Mrs. Lemon Kindergarten

Mrs. Singer  Kindergarten

Mrs. VanSetters Kindergarten


Mrs. Bunsee 1st Grade

Mr. Harsevoort 1st Grade

Mrs. LeFebre 1st Grade




Ms. Bauman 2nd Grade

Mrs. Finkbeiner 2nd Grade

Mrs. Roehling 2nd Grade


Ms. Abel 3rd Grade

Mrs. Clausen 3rd Grade

Mr. Ley 3rd Grade


Mrs. Caldwell 4th Grade

Mrs. DeKoster 4th Grade

Mr. Keef 4th Grade




 Mrs. Sremba PE

Mrs. Fischer Art

Miss Hoop Music

Mrs. Takens Counseling


Mrs. Allan MOCI Classroom