Athletic Pass Information

We charge $5.00 per person(children 5 and under are free) to get into any high school sports. Middle school prices are $2.00 for students, $3.00 for adults, with a family price cap of $8.00. Children  5 and under are also free for middle school sports.

Student passes are $25 per person.

Adult Passes are $50 per person.

Family Pass Price: $150 (which is a discount for more than 4 people in a family) Everyone in the family gets a pass if you purchase this type of pass.

The passes are good for any athletic events that are HOME only, for both middle and high school sports, for the entire school year.  

The passes are not good for any tournaments we may host along with any post-season athletic tournaments/events.

We are only take cash/check for payment of the passes and there is a $5.00 re-purchase price if a pass is lost. 

We do require a School ID Card for our middle/high school students when they use their pass.

Passes can be purchased in the athletic office (west end of the building)  at the high school from 8 am - 3 pm, Monday through Friday. Contact Marcia Schierbeek at or 616-878-6642 for more information.