Many of our youth summer camps have been canceled at this time. We are still planning on outdoor camps for middle and high school and postponing indoor camps until further notice. REGISTRATION LINKS WILL NOT BE ADDED UNTIL WE ARE ABLE TO FINALIZE THE CAMP SCHEDULE.

(Choose grade based on upcoming 2020-2021 School Year)

Boys Basketball

Grades: 1-2 Camp, June 15-18, 10a-11a  CANCELED

Grades: 3-4 Camp, June 8-11, 9a-10a. CANCELED

Grades: 5-6 Camp, June 8-11, 11a-1230p CANCELED

          Grades: 7-8 Camp, June 8-11, 6p-730p POSTPONED

Girls Basketball

           Grades: K-2 Camp, June 8-11, 9-10a   CANCELED

           Grades: 3-4 Camp, June 8-11,10-12p  CANCELED

Grades: 5-8 Camp, June 8-11,  1-4p POSTPONED


Grades: 3-6 Camp, July 20-22, 430-6p CANCELED

Grades: 7-12 Camp (OL), July 22, 5-630p Click HERE to register. 

Grades: 7-12 Camp (Unity), July 28-31, 415p-845p Click HERE to register


Grades: 3-5 Camp, June 15-17, 830-10a CANCELED

Grades: 6-8 Camp, June 15-17, 10-1130a CANCELED

Grades: 9-12 Camp, July 27-29, 5-7p PENDING 

Girls Soccer

Grades: K-4 Camp, June 8-11, 5-630p CANCELED

Grades: 5-9 Camp, June 8-11, 630-830p CANCELED

Boys Soccer

Grades: K Camp,  June 16-19 430-530p CANCELED

Grades: 1-4 Camp, June 16-19 430-6p CANCELED

Grades: 5-9 Camp, June 16-19 630-830p CANCELED

Boys/Girls Cross Country

Grades: 9-12 Camp, July 13-16, Overnight Camp CANCELED

Boys Lacrosse

Grades: K-8 Camp, June 22-26 CANCELED

Grades: 7-12 Camp, June 22-26, 1-3p  CANCELED

Boys/Girls Golf

            Grades: 5-9 Camp, June 15-18, 1-300p CANCELED

Boys/Girls Tennis

           Youth Grades K-8 Camp, July 13-16, 10-1130,1130-1

 Boys/Girls Track

          Grades: 7-12 Camp, June 22-25, 530-8p CANCELED

Cheer Camp

       Chant Grades 1-8, June 17, 530-7p CANCELED

       Stunt Grades 1-8 June 24th, 530-7p CANCELED

       Gymnastics Grades 1-8, July 15, 530-7p CANCELED

       Jump Grades 1-8, July 22, 530-7p CANCELED

       Cheer Rocket Season Grades 1-8, Every Wednesday    from Sept 2nd through October 21st. Register Here