Title I

Title I Information

Title I funding is used to offer support services to students who need extra time and instruction to master grade-level curriculum.  Title I schools are identified by a state formula each year. 

Program Description

The following is a brief description of the manner in which schools are identified, the target population selected, and the program implemented.

Identification of Target Schools

Title I schools are determined by federal government guidelines.

Selection of Target Population

Children are selected for Title I support on the basis of a needs assessment, recommendations of the teacher, and objective data. 

Program Design

Title I employees are employed within the qualifying schools that are involved in the Title I Program.  These employees provide supplemental instruction to meet the needs of students.  Title I services may be short term or long term depending on the needs of each individual student.

Evaluation Design

Each Title I student is monitored each marking period on their academic progress.  

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