Driver Education

Segment 2

Spring 2023 Segment 2 Registration

Phasing Out Driver Education at BCPS

For many years, Byron Center Public Schools has been able to offer driver’s education classes to Byron Center students. However, offering this service has become increasingly challenging over the past few years. Unfortunately, Byron Center Public Schools will no longer be able to offer driver’s education after our last segment II session that will occur in February or March 2023.

As with many service oriented occupations, staffing has become increasingly more difficult. Certification or recertification for instructors is both costly and time consuming, and we continue to lose staff willing and able to serve as an instructor regardless of compensation. In addition to staffing, it has become increasingly difficult to secure driver’s education vehicles due to inventory shortages.

Given these challenges, it has been determined that the best course of action is to consolidate resources with other companies that offer this service to our students, allow any remaining instructors to gain employment with outside agencies, and follow the model of so many other schools, which is that driver’s education happens outside of the school system. 

We apologize that BC will no longer be able to support this service, but we wanted to make sure to communicate this information out early enough for families to make appropriate arrangements with another company. 

We are thankful that we could offer this service to our students for as long as we could, and we thank our high school staff, driver’s ed instructors, Doug Gallup, and Patty Horvath for all of their hard work over the years to make the program a success. 


Scott Joseph, Principal
Byron Center High School

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