From The Principal

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Greetings from Nickels Intermediate School!

My name is Tom Trout and I want to thank you for choosing Byron Center Public Schools.  Students at Nickels Intermediate come together for the first time as a graduating class in fifth grade and begin to transition from the elementary level to the secondary level in two short years.  Our teachers pride themselves in their ability to prepare students for the rigor, independence, and responsibility required to be successful at the secondary level.

We are pleased to offer four exploratories at Nickels Intermediate.  At the fifth grade level, we offer General Music, Art,  BrainQuest (science and math, project-based course), and Physical Education.  At the sixth grade level, we offer Art, BrainQuest, and Physical Education.  In addition, we offer students the choice between Choir, Band, or Orchestra.  Students who qualify will also be eligible to participate in advanced math (pre-algebra) in sixth grade.

Students at Nickels Intermediate also benefit from a comprehensive guidance program that includes anti-bullying messages taught in the classrooms, friendship and relationship groups that meet during the day, and other student support services.

 Nickels Intermediate is a pivotal time in the lives of our fifth and sixth grade students.  We strive to create a stable path that prepares our students academically and socially for the secondary level.  Daily character messages are a staple in our school environment.  Follow up lessons and writing prompts in the classroom help to reinforce the importance of these messages, while integrating the mandated state curriculum.

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child's education.  We want to encourage you to stay involved, volunteer, and be visible in your child's school.  Again, thank you for choosing Byron Center Public Schools.


 Tom Trout