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Calculating a GPA (Grade Point Average)

A GPA (Grade Point Average) is a number that averages all grades received while in high school.  (Middle school courses do not count toward your GPA.)  BCHS uses a 4.0 scale, but we do offer an added value of 1.0 for all grades received in AP (Advanced Placement) and dual enrollment courses. 

A = 4.0

A- = 3.667

B+ = 3.333

B = 3.0

B- = 2.667

C+ = 2.333

C = 2.0

C- = 1.667

D+ = 1.333

D = 1.0

F = 0.0 (With no credit given)

E = 0.0 (With credit given)

In order to calculate a GPA, add all your semester grades as a number value, and divide by the number of grades.  This is your GPA.  If you are unsure on calculating your GPA, see the short video below:

Paying for College

The thought of paying for college can be overwhelming, but help is available. Visit the links below to several websites that we have found to be helpful.  

Financial Aid 101

Scholarships for High School Seniors

High Five Scholarships

Did you know that you may be eligible for financial aid? And even if you think you aren’t, it’s smart to apply for it. You may begin applying for financial aid for the 2016-2017 school year after January 1. Visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA) website to get details.


In order to begin filing for financial aid, you will need to apply for a PIN.  The PIN will serve as your electronic signature. 

There are many articles out there to help guide parents.  Here are two articles we have collected to help you get started on understanding financial aid:

Article 1

Article 2

Local Scholarships

Local scholarship lists are being updated on a regular basis.  See Mrs. Hogoboom in the guidance office for more information. 

College Application Process

Naviance Family Connect

How to Request a Transcript

How to Connect your COMMON APP to Naviance
If you are using the COMMON APP to apply to a COMMON APP school, please watch this short video to learn about FERPA.

How to sent your SAT scores to a School

FAQs about College Admissions

Senior Timeline