Testing Data

Testing Data 2017


Each year we work collectively to help more of our students reach their goals.  These goals are measured in many ways, the most important of which is by the individual student.  Here is a big picture look at BCHS and how we continue to work to improve our preparation for students.

Advanced Placement

Since 2007, we have been working to improve the number of Advanced Placement enrollments while increasing the % of students getting college credit.  2017 hit the highest number of passing AP tests in BCHS history.





SAT % Proficient

From 2016 to 2017 we saw an increase in every grade level of our % proficient students.  We are excited to see how many students can get over the expectation of college readiness.





SAT Total Average Score

Our mean score for each year also increased in each grade level.  






Our School Improvement Team continues to work on best ways to help the most students as it pertains to student achievement.  In 2017, we will begin looking at a formal intervention period within the day called Flex Time.  Thank you for your patience as we work through helping all students reach their goals.