The arts are an important part of a student's education as they help to foster deep thinking and creativity to help a student see life from a broader view.  BCHS divides the arts into three different areas:  Performing Arts , Visual Arts , and Applied Arts.  Students are required to take 1 credit (2 semester courses) of one of these three areas in order to graduate.  In addition to these classes, BCHS has one of the finest theaters in the area as the Van Singel Fine Arts Center services our community, and our students with opportunities to shine in the theater.  We also want to thank the Byron Center Fine Arts Boosters (BCFAB) for all their support with our programs.  

Performing Arts:

Marching & Concert Band
Jazz Band
Jazz Orchestra
Theater Arts
Advanced Theater Arts 
Visual Arts:
Audio Visual (Editing, Film, Broadcast Journalism, etc.)
2 Dimensional Art (Drawing & Painting)
3 Dimensional Art (Sculpture & Pottery)
Graphics Art (Animation, Game Design, Graphic Design)
Visual Arts Community (Bringing artists together)
Applied Arts:
Introductory to Engineering & Technology
Drafting I (Computer Aided Design)
Drafting II (Computer Aided Design)
Drafting III (Computer Aided Design)
Electric Car (Building and racing an electric car)
Cam CNC (Manufacturing Component)