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Upcoming Dates

May 25 - Percussion Ensemble Concert
May 29 - No School - Memorial Day
May 31 - Alternate Schedule including 1st & 2nd hour exams
June 1 - 3rd & 4th hour exams - half day school dismisses at 11:05
June 2 - 5th & 6th hour exams - half day school dismisses at 11:05
June 2 - Last Day of School
June 12 - Athletic Honors Night 7pm

Medication Pick-up Reminder

Here is your friendly nurse reminder to PLEASE pick up ALL student medications (Prescription and OTC) by the end of the day on the last day of school (June 2).  

All medications MUST be picked up by a Parent/Guardian.

All medications not picked up by the last day of school will be discarded and disposed of safely/properly. We cannot store medications in any buildings over the summer.  

Please contact Nurse Vander Veen with any questions or concerns. 
Email: lisavanderveen@bcpsk12.net OR Ph: 616-878-6639

2023-2024 School Calendar

Host a German Student

Did you hear? Byron Center will be hosting 12 German students and two of their teachers this fall.

This has been a long-standing biannual tradition in Byron Center, dating back to 2004, but this is the first time we've been able to host them since 2018-2019 because of Covid! We are looking for some awesome students to host a German student in the fall for the three-ish weeks they are here. The dates are October 1-25, 2023 and you can find all of the information here, including the link to the form for signing up to host. If you aren't able to host but still want to be involved, let us know!

We are so excited to start this partnership back up and can't wait for you to be a part of it.

mit freundlichen Grüßen

If you or your families have any questions, please contact Mrs. Finkbeiner or Mr. Cotts.

Mrs. Finkbeiner - jfinkbeiner@bcpsk12.net - German Teacher
Mr. Cotts - rcotts@bcpsk12.net - History Teacher

Ski Club

Bittersweet has made some changes to their ski club program which impacts the future of the Byron Center Ski Club. BCPS is working to determine whether or not to offer a ski club option to students. Please fill out the survey at the end of this communication to help with our decision.

Throughout the past several years, the ski club program has become a “discount card program” for students and their families. Adults and students were able to access discounted lift ticket prices. Bittersweet will no longer offer the discount card program. Bittersweet’s vision is to create true “ski clubs” and “learning programs.” The changes are outlined below:

  • NO “AT WINDOW SALES” FOR SKI CLUB DISCOUNT CARDS (except on Sunday after 3pm if students have already attended a ski club with a group and completed an evaluation). 
  • Students must attend a ski club night and the sponsor purchases the lift tickets in advance for the group.

In order to be in line with Bittersweet’s new ski club program and also make this a feasible club at BC, the following outlines new protocols for the club if there is enough interest:

  • Students Only! Only students 5th-12th grade enrolled at Byron Center Public Schools will be allowed to participate.
  • Ski/Snowboard Program: The club will require payment to participate and specific dates! The club will take group trips to Bittersweet on a specific night of the week, but specific dates will be determined after an interest survey is analyzed.

SAMPLE: Prices are estimated based on previous year costs and are subject to change. Students pay $30 for the initial card, and $33 x 5 that covers 5 ski club nights. (Approx $195- averages out to about $39 per night, but includes a lesson the first night and also discounts on Sundays). If students need rentals, additional cost will be required.

If a student attends 5 nights and wishes to do more, they may pay to add on more dates later in the season (through the sponsor). No window sales for Ski Club Discounts except on Sunday afternoons.

If Tuesday is the selected date, these are the proposed dates:

  • Dec 19
  • Jan 9
  • Jan 23
  • Jan 30
  • Feb 6
  • Feb 13
  • Feb 20 (maybe not- this is Tuesday after winter break)
  • Mar 5

After the first ski club night, as long as the student has completed their evaluation, students will obtain a ski club card which will also allow them to purchase discounted lift tickets on Sundays after 3pm (no other days are eligible for the ski club card discount).

Cards will be given out the first week that a student attends the ski club trip. After their initial trip and evaluation, students are able to use their ski club card on Sundays after 3pm in addition to the evening our ski club goes as a group per the Bittersweet policy. 

Benefits for Students:

  • Students get to enjoy/learn a lifelong sport.
  • Students get to know their peers who are interested in skiing/snowboarding.
  • Ski Club Members will receive a complimentary group ski or snowboarding lesson on their ski club night. Additional group lessons will be available to ski club students at a discounted rate.
  • Discounted lift ticket pricing on the nights they attend with the ski club (first 5 included with initial payment) and also can access discounted lift tickets on Sundays after 3pm.

STUDENT INTEREST SURVEY: If you are interested in participating in the Ski/Snowboard Club, please fill out the Student Interest Survey.

If you have questions, please contact Rachel Robbert rrobbert@bcpsk12.net

Protect Young Eyes

Thank you for watching this presentation from Protect Young Eyes, based in Caledonia, MI, brought to you by Byron Center Public Schools. Technology changes quickly! PYE invites parents into finding a balance between technical (hardware, software) and relational solutions (consistent, curious conversations) to support their children in the digital age. Please visit Chris McKenna and the PYE team at https://protectyoungeyes.com/ for more helpful tips.

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