Weekly Parent News

Parent News

Upcoming Dates

November 20 Cap & Gown orders due
November 23-27 – Office Closed
November 23-24 – Asynchronous Days; no attendance required
November 25 –27 No School Thanksgiving Break; Office Closed

Upcoming Schedule

Friday: Full Remote School day - Attendance required.
Monday & Tuesday, Nov 23 & 24 - Asynchronous work days for students, no attendance required.

Starting Monday, Nov. 30, our remote weekly schedule remains:
Monday/Tuesday -Thursday/Friday Schedule
1st Hour - 7:55am - 8:55am 
2nd Hour - 9:00am - 10:00am
3rd Hour - 10:05am - 11:05am 
Lunch - 11:10am - 11:40am
4th Hour - 11:40am - 12:35pm
5th Hour - 12:40pm - 1:40pm
6th Hour - 1:45pm - 2:45pm 

*Each course will meet live at the beginning of each hour for a minimum 20 minutes and up to 60 minutes of class.  Small groups, intervention, & extensions will occur during the latter portion of each class period. (Exception for courses needing special equipment for instruction)

Wednesday Schedule
1st Hour - 7:55am - 8:25am
2nd Hour - 8:30am - 8:55am
3rd Hour - 9:00am - 9:25am
4th Hour - 9:30am - 9:55am
5th Hour - 10:00am - 10:25am
6th Hour - 10:30am - 10:55am
11:00am - 12:00pm Lunch/Prep
12:00pm - 12:30pm: FLEX #1
12:30pm - 1:00pm: FLEX #2
1:00pm - 1:30pm:  FLEX #3
1:30pm - 2:00pm: FLEX #4
2:00pm - 2:45pm: FLEX #5

*Each course will meet live in the mornings with intervention, small groups, or assessment would occur a minimum of 4 out of 5 of the FLEX TIME offerings in the afternoon.

Covid Updates

BCHS still has to send out the BCHS COVID UPDATES anytime we have a positive case within our student or staff population per state requirements even if we are in a remote setting. We understand that these can be annoying for many.  Please do not unsubscribe, this is the same system we use to send you other important updates!

Letter from Mr. Joseph

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As we head into the holiday week and our week of remote learning that follows, we will continue to watch the numbers of COVID-19 cases in our county. Our number one priority remains keeping our students and staff safe. In order to be as safe as possible, we will continue to share updates from the Kent County Health Department and continue to share our health and safety protocols within our BCPS Return to Learn Plan.

We have appreciated the communication regarding symptoms, testing, close contacts, and positive cases. We also appreciate the continual screening of our students being done at home. BCPS would like to continue to monitor the data while students are out of the buildings. We ask that you continue to communicate with us as well.

If you or anyone in your household are testing, determined as close contacts, or become positive for COVID-19 during our time away, please contact the building using the information below. If you have questions, please put those in your email as well. Someone will contact you as soon as possible. Please reference the Kent County Health Department toolkit.

Email: hsattendance@bcpsk12.net or phorvath@bcpsk12.net
Information: child(ren)’s name(s), situation details, any questions you have

As always, thank you for working alongside BCPS to keep our students and staff safe. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Mr. Scott Joseph, Principal
Byron Center High School

Ski Passes

BCPS Bittersweet Ski and Snowboard Passes are now available in the High School main office!  Stop by with a check or exact change cash and purchase them during any school day 7:30AM 11:00AM or 12:00PM - 3:00PM. For a quicker stop, print and fill out the forms ahead of time! Forms are available to download on the BCHS website.

Driver Education Segment 2

Segment 2 Driver Education scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, Wednesday, December 2 and Thursday, December 3 has been cancelled. An email was sent to parents who registered their student. We will look at offering Segment 2 after the new year. Look for information on our website and in Parent News.

Class Rings and Other Class Jewelry

A long-standing freshman tradition at Byron Center HS is ordering and receiving your class ring/jewelry. We will be taking orders a little differently this school year. Please watch the video  for important information about ordering your class ring and about the special free gift for freshman from our local Jostens Rep Amy. That's right, it's time to place your order for class rings and class jewelry! Jostens is one of our school partners and they have variety of items to help you celebrate and remember your high school experience.

Orders should be placed at Jostens.com. The sooner you order, the better chance to get the ring by Christmas. For questions, call 1-800-567-8367. 

Senior Cap & Gown Orders

Senior Parents - Please be sure to place your cap and gown order with Jostens by November 20th. You will need to know your student's height and weight. Go to Jostens.com and enter Byron Center High School as the school.

Nutrition Services

Byron Center Public School’s Nutrition Services offers Free To-Go meals to all remote learners in compliance with the USDA and Michigan Department of Education.  The USDA has instituted a waiver that allows all children under 18 to receive FREE breakfast and lunch for the entire 2020-2021 school year, until June 30, 2021.  By Saturday, 5:00pm, you must order To-Go meals via the form linked below for Monday meal pick up.  Order each week to receive meals for the following week. 

All Meal are at no cost (free) until June 30, 2021

Meals will be bundled for multiple days and include breakfast and lunch (5 & 5.) 

All meals are complete and include Milk.  You must take all items.

Ordering and Pick Up

A parent or designee can pick up meals for children.  Children do not have to be present for pick up.  You will need to tell Nutrition Services staff the names of students you pick up meals for.

Pull up in the Byron Center High School Parking Lot Loop by the pool entrance-the most southern entrance off Burlingame Ave.  There should be a canopy outside the kitchen service door. Please stay in your car, and the Nutrition Services staff will assist you. 

All orders are due by 5:00pm on SATURDAY

You need to sign up for meals by clicking on the link below. 

You must order for each child separately. 

**If you order meals and fail to pick them up, the meals will be charged to your student’s school meal account at the full price.

LINK TO ORDER FORM:    Click here to fill out your student(s)’s school meal order

Meal Distribution:

Where:                  Byron Center High School South entrance by pool
When:                    2:00pm-3:00pm 
What Day:             MONDAY
How:                      Pull up in the Pool Parking Lot Loop.  Please stay in your car, and we will assist you from there. 

If we have any questions, we will call or email. 

Thank you,
Kerri Saltzgaber
Nutrition Services Director
Byron Center Public Schools

Online Etiquette

The following expectations were sent to students this week. This will apply for both virtual and hybrid learning.


  • Make sure your PowerSchool name appears on the zoom call
  • Your face must appear for attendance
  • Be on time
  • Be in a quiet place
  • Be prepared - computer charged, camera on, be an active participant
  • Presentation - wear appropriate clothing, be in camera view, appropriate backdrop
  • Follow the expectations of the teacher - mute yourself or mic on
  • Participate - be focused, attentive and an active participant, no sleeping
  • Chat responsibly - raise your hand to speak, type your question in the chat box
  • Communication - speak clearly, look up when speaking, stay on topic (no side conversations)
  • Be respectful 
  • No cell phone use

If you are not following proper online etiquette/expectations, your teacher will remove you from the zoom and mark you absent.

Please understand the negative implications of being marked absent. This can begin to affect your grade and ultimately cause you to lose credit in your class. Your participation is important!


Students need to be on time for class “remotely” every hour every day. 

  • A student who does not show up for class “remotely” will be marked absent.
  • If the student is late, the student will be marked tardy.

The student must remain in class until dismissed by the teacher

  • If the student leaves class prior to being dismissed, the student will be marked absent.

The student’s camera must stay on during class unless the teacher gives student permission to turn it off during an activity

  • If the camera is not working, the student must contact technology.  (See below for information on technology help.)


ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS Students are encouraged to be at school every day. However, circumstances do hinder this at times, and so students who have extenuating circumstances are allowed 12 absences per semester per course. Upon the 13th absence, a student loses credit in his/her course. This means 0.0 G.P.A. will be given upon 13th absence from class. A student who is absent more than 12 days (excluding school-related absences) in a class during a semester requires medical documentation for every day past 12, or the student will forfeit his/her grade in a class, and be forced to pass the final exam for credit. Excused absences do count against the daily attendance requirement. A parent excused absence does not remove the absence. If a class is missed for any reason, including a school-related activity or field trip, it is the student’s responsibility to get and make up assigned work or tests upon return. A student may still receive credit in a course by demonstrating proficiency in that course on the semester exam. If a student with 13 or more absences passes the course, and passes the exam with a 59.5% or higher, that student will receive an E with credit in the course. If the student’s absences do not exceed 15, and the student receives a 78% or higher on the semester exam, the student will receive the full grade for the course.

Students will be considered tardy if not in assigned seat at the start time of each class and tardies cannot be excused by parents. Students arriving to school more than 10 minutes late for their first class will be marked absent. Students arriving to subsequent classes more than 5 minutes late will be marked absent.

Zoom/Connection Issues:

Please remember that your first contact with zoom issues is with your teacher. The front office is not able to help with this. Please communicate with your teacher and they will do their best to help and support you! Also, feel free to reach out to our tech department as well at bctech@bcpsk12.net. Teachers will work this out with attendance. Please do not call the front office. Thank you!

Counseling Office Updates

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