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PDF DocumentParent News June 25, 2020
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Driver Education classes are FULL. Parents who mailed in registration forms and payment received an email confirmation with details on what session your student was assigned. Students were assigned class times based on their session and time choice preference and by when forms were postmarked on a first come first serve basis. We made every effort to give students their first choice. There were many cases we were unable to accommodate the first choice and in some cases the 3rd  or 4th choice was our only option. BCHS will abide by the Executive Orders provided by the State of Michigan. Social distancing and face masks will be required.

A Covid-19 Participation Waiver is mandatory. A form was attached to the confirmation email. We also have copies available in an envelope outside of the high school office. If you were unable to turn the form in during office hours for the July session please send it with your student the first day of driver education class. August session can drop off the form during office hours during July.

Lost and Found


There are many items that were left in school lockers, athletic lockers, and lost & found. If you think your student has something still in the building please stop by during office hours to take a look. We will be donating everything that is left behind after July 15.


Summer office hours starting July 6 will be Monday thru Thursday 7am – 3pm and Friday 7am – 11am.

Work Permits

OBTAIN A BLANK WORK PERMIT FORM - These forms can be obtained through the employer themselves, or they are available out front of BCHS. If you go to the main entrance of Byron Center High School, you will see two envelopes taped to the outside windows with blank work permits. Please make sure to take the appropriate form based on the age of the student. They are labeled accordingly.

FILL OUT THE FORM - These forms require the employer to fill out the forms as well as the student/parent/guardian.  

SCAN or TAKE a PHOTO of the completed work permit and email phorvath@bcpsk12.net. Mrs. Horvath will print and sign the form.
The form will be emailed back to you. If it needs to be faxed or emailed to your employer, please include the information in the original email.

Parent Volunteers Needed

AP Computer Science as BCHS partners with Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS
Byron Center High School has an exciting opportunity to offer computer science next year. We are investing in our students by partnering with Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS to offer AP Computer Science.

As a TEALS partner school, Byron Center High School needs technical volunteers (2-3x per week) to team-teach this course with our teacher. Byron Center High School will hold the course first hour, allowing volunteers to go to work after volunteering. If you work in tech and would be interested in making a difference in our students’ future success, please contact Assistant Principal, Lesley Emmons, lemmons@bcpsk12.net or apply at Microsoft.com/TEALS.

Please forward this to technical industry professionals in your network. You can read more about the TEALS Program on their website at Microsoft.com/TEALS.