Communications & Public Relations Information

Byron Center Public Schools is committed to being transparent and providing up-to-date information on the district, upcoming events, and student and staff achievements in a timely manner. Superintendent Dr. Kevin Macina frequently sends out communication to families with students in the district and to the surrounding BC community. You can also find the latest happening in BCPS on our social media pages. 

Byron Center Public Schools has a districtwide Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page. Our platforms act as information tools to help share what’s going on in BCPS with students, parents, and other residents in the community. Our students and staff are pretty amazing and we want to show off their accomplishments for everyone to see! We encourage the BC community to engage with our pages, share their thoughts, and work together to tell our students’ success stories.

Parents, staff, students, community members, and all social media users are encouraged to keep BCPS social media pages a safe space for all. We ask that everyone be respectful, use good judgment when sharing information, and remember that children use social media.

BCPS considers its social media pages to be a limited public forum, which means that BCPS reserves the right to remove comments that are deemed inappropriate or off-topic, including:

  • Inappropriate language or content, including profanity
  • Content that includes sexual harassment, vulgar behavior, bullying, or discrimination
  • Content that promotes or encourages criminal activity or violence (threats will be reported to law enforcement)
  • Slanderous or defamatory statements against BCPS staff, students, or the district as a whole 
  • Endorsements of political candidates or specific organizations
  • Spam or comments that include links to external websites
  • Solicitations or advertisements 

Those who do not adhere to the community standards will have their comments removed from BCPS social media accounts. Continued violations may result in further restricting one’s access to BCPS social media pages, including the possibility of being blocked.

BCPS does not support comments or statements posted by other social media users to our page. Any information placed online including opinions and views are those of the users and do not represent the district. 

BCPS recognizes the responsibility of the news media to provide information to the community about events that occur in our schools. While we are committed to cooperating with the media, we are also obligated to protect the privacy of BCPS students and employees. All media requests will be coordinated through Communications Director Trisha McCauley at (616) 878-6100 ext. 6120 or

Media on district property

All members of the media, including reporters, photographers, and videographers, must get prior approval from the Communications Director before being on district property.

All visitors, including the media, are required to check in at the school's main office and present a state-issued photo I.D. All visitors are required to wear a visitor badge at all times while on district property.

Staff who are contacted by the media must direct them to the Communications Director.

Student and staff privacy

Student and staff photographs, videos, and interviews may only be conducted with permission and at the discretion of the Communications Director.

All students photographed, filmed, or interviewed must have media releases on file.

The Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is always observed regarding what information can or cannot be shared about students.

Athletic events

Those who wish to cover athletic events and request field/court access must contact Byron Center Athletics at (616) 878-6142.

Non-Media Inquiries

If you’re not a member of the news media but have questions about BCPS please contact the Administration Office at (616) 878-6100.

Request for Information

BCPS ensures the protection of student and employee privacy and will not release any information that may reveal one's identity. The district will not release any personal or personnel-related information unless required by law; not comment on any case that is before the courts; and refer all questions related to police investigations to proper authority.