Facility Use Request


  1. ICHAT - Responsible party must fill out ICHAT form.

  2. CHECK FACILITY AVAILABILITY - As a general rule, district spaces are limited to availability from 6:15pm - 9:15pm on Monday - Friday and 9am - 5pm Saturday-Sunday.

  3. FACILITY USE PERMIT - Responsible party must fill out this form and be as detailed as possible. The district will send out a confirmation or denial based on several factors.



  1. Fill out and complete ICHAT form  

  2. Check facility availability

  3. Fill out and complete Facility Use Permit Request

  4. Upon confirmation, reconcile the Facility Use Invoice

  5. Communicate any questions/concerns to jrodriguez@bcpsk12.net


  1. Winter rentals are subject to plowing services

  2. Weekend plowing will result in additional fees

  3. If school is canceled/closed, all rentals are canceled

  4. No rentals are available during school holidays

  5. Facilities are not available during summer months

  6. Rentals may be subject to custodial service charges

Throughout the year there are many factors which impact facility usage and availability. The district reserves the right to cancel facility reservations as necessary.


External LinkFacility Availability
Google FormsMandatory ICHAT For All Facility Use Requests
Google FormsFacility Use Permit Request
PDF DocumentFacility Use Rules and Regulations

Contact Information:

(Year Round) - Joe Rodriguez - jrodriguez@bcpsk12.net - 616.878.6506